Insignia Band

We are an army of passionate worshippers (performers, minstrels, musicians) that love nothing more than jamming for God. The primacy of our purpose as pillars of His kingdom compels us to put God first above all else.

We have established artists, unknown performers, and underground musicians from every continent in the world. And yet it is our shared vision and purpose that defines us not our success or notoriety.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you”

– Matthew 6:13 –

We represent every genre and flavour in our worship in pursuit of God’s mandate to Shape Lives, Fulfil Dreams and Guarantee Success

We host two major events during the year, the REBIRTH and PAID IN FULL concerts at Christmas and Easter respectively. The REBIRTH Concert is a live performance showcasing a combination of emerging talent and renowned artists.

The PAID IN FULL concert is a poignant reminder of EASTER and its significance in our lives as christians.

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