Choose What Is Better


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Choose What Is Better


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Choose What Is Better

Have you ever heard the story of Mary, Martha and Jesus? No? Ok, quick summary: Jesus came to visit and Martha was up and down, cooking, cleaning and serving all the guests. Mary on the other hand, was sitting pretty at the feet of Jesus, taking in every word He said. When Martha started complaining, Jesus told her that Mary had chosen the most important thing, Him.

Now most of the time when you hear this story, you hear about how we should all try to be like Mary, and rightly so! But today, Pastor Tai gives us a balanced view of Martha, a woman who served and complained, but took her complaint directly to Jesus; the only One who could give her a solution.

There are two main takeaways from today’s word, a) start with Jesus; never let Him be a last resort, never exhaust your list of options before going to Him and b) stop fussing! Stop fussing over the things you can’t control, stop fussing over what you can do and what you have ordained and go back to God, that’s where your help will come from. Stop rushing, stop fussing and start resting!

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