Defeating Sorrow


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Defeating Sorrow



Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Defeating Sorrow

Back in January, many of us set goals and targets for 2017 and for some us when we now reflect on our list 11 months in, we find that those goals are not even half achieved.
It’s quite normal for this to leave you feeling dejected, like a failure, even quite sad, but how long do you allow yourself to stay this sad state? Are you able to encounter sorrow without letting it dwell in your spirit?
In this new series of ‘Defeating Sorrow’, Pastor Tai reminds us that progress is never made with a sorrowful spirit. Sorrow paralyses initiative and prevents the attempt of any significant endeavours.
Through all circumstances good and bad, we should be able to praise God but sorrow is the enemy of praise and whatever stops your praise is obstructing your destiny.
Many of us are preventing the movement of God in our lives because of the constant feeling of sadness inside us. Remember, it is natural for us to have ups and downs. We will face difficulty at times that we don’t expect to because God does not move by the calendar but by His own timing. Just because you prayed on it last night doesn’t necessarily mean it will come to pass today. Be steadfast, keep praying and wait on God.
To learn more listen to this great sermon where Pastor Tai’s teaches 3 principle steps to defeating sorrow.