God In Your Rising (Part 2)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba God In Your Rising (Part 2)



Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba God In Your Rising (Part 2)

As we continue into this series Pastor Tai tell us  that God is an asset. Today’s message focuses on this premise. With God we are never at a disadvantage. No matter how weak we are, if we have God’s presence we can make a difference. Pastor explains that we must learn to shift our expectations from people to Jesus. Who you look at, is who you look like. When we look at God, we start to look like Him. Pastor Tai breaks down the story of Rachel and Leah to show us the difference between relying on grace rather than our own talent. He shows us that God may not take us out of our situations but changes us to change the situation. He explains that having significance comes by God’s grace.

Pastor Tai give us 3 warnings that we can take from Rachel’s story

1. You have to learn to walk in the spirit of humility

2. Desperation can truncate our purpose

3. We must learn how to pray and rely on God not ourselves.

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