Hearing the Voice of God (Full Series)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Hearing The Voice of God



Welcome to this powerful NEW Series of teachings by Pastor Tai Adeshugba –  Hearing The Voice of God

Ever wondered just how EXACTLY you are to ‘Hear’ the Word of God for important decisions in your life?  Pastor Tai commences a 4 part series every Wednesday this month on precisely this question!

Join Past Tai as he embark on this powerful series where he gives us this insightful yet profoundly practical group of sermons on how to ‘Hear’ His Word for effective progress and purpose in your life. Taking Proverbs 3:6 as a foundation – Pastor Tai elucidates the importance of WHY we need to hear the Voice of God before we appreciate just HOW we are to hear His Voice.

The phrase ‘God told me to do this…’ is probably the most abused phrase commonly used by Christians today. Just how do we know what the Voice of God actually ‘sounds’ like?

Pastor Tai explains and shows that God does in fact speak to us but this Is mostly drowned out by a multitude of competing and counterfeit voices – one of the main strategies of the devil in our life.

Understanding ANY matter is achieved by first misunderstanding it!

So Just WHY do we need to hear His Voice? Download this series and experience the Pastor Tai’s sermon firsthand!