Influence: Contagious Living (Part4)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Influence: Contagious Living (Part 4)



Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Influence: Contagious Living (Part 4)

In conclusion to this ‘Month of Influence’, Pastor Tai instils into us the importance of Christians turning unbelievers towards the righteousness of God.

Nowadays many Christians shy away from getting to know others and instead exclude those that do not naturally fit into their self made ‘Christian criteria’. The Bible says that ‘those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever’.

We are called to bring joy into the lives of others and not to abandon them because they don’t fit into our social, cultural, ethnic, or generational circles.

We need to leave our comfort zones and find common ground or interests with people we may not necessarily know; don’t bore them with Christian jargon- perhaps imagine how you’d like to be approached if you were an unbeliever and go from there.

Ultimately, it’s not about who or what we do or do not like, but about doing to work of God.