Pathway To Success (Part8)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Strategies Of Success (Part5)



Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba Strategies of Success (Part5)

“Bury Failure”

The fear of failure causes paralysis and doubt, ultimately hindering us from moving forward. Fear can stop us from succeeding  and achieving our goals. Pastor Tai break downs 3 ways fear can stop us being successful:

1.) Fear of the unknown. Sometimes we would rather stick with what we know than to risk stepping out into the unknown

2.) The fear of what people will think. Most people want everyone’s approval before they move on an idea. We have to remember that the goal is more important than the rejection of others.

3.) The fear of losing money. This can seriously affect how we make decisions. The majority of the time we are worried that we will not be able to deal with the financial challenges that may arise.

This message teaches us how to live fearlessly and make the most of our lives despite sacrifices.  He emphasises that ‘if we want to be successful we must be willing to be uncomfortable’. Your input will affect your output, what are you willing to sacrifice?
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