Remain Faith-Full


Powerful message by Olrick Coker: Remain Faith-Full


Powerful message by Olrick Coker: Remain Faith-Full

As we approach the end of the year, it tends be the time when we start to reflect on what the year has brought us and how we can make the next year better. You may have had to endure some tough seasons during 2019 that do not make sense to you now. However, the year is not over and it is important to remember that God is still working and His promises will manifest, but this requires faith. For our Wednesday bible study, we heard an encouraging message by Olrick Coker on remaining “faith-full”.
Just like Jesus teaches us in Matthew 17:20, we must have faith ‘as’ a mustard seed. When we look at the characteristics of a mustard seed, we come to understand that this means having faith that is resilient, that grows and that never gives up.
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