Sink or Stand


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Sink or Stand


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Sink or Stand

In these incredible times and with so much negativity being spewed across social media – Pastor Tai encourages us to take a stance – to either Sink or Stand. Today, he encourages us to actively take heed to what we listen to, because what we pay cognisance to or ‘hear’ DOES determine what we think and eventually do.

Taking scriptural credence from Mattew 14:28-33 – we examine the interaction between Jesus and Peter. We see that Peter heard the Lord and was actually able to walk on water because of it, however Peter soon began to sink when he heard the storm. Jesus tells us exactly why – Peter doubted.

Doubt creates fear which inturn opens a plethora of negativity in our lives. So in these extraordinary times, be mindful of what you hear and keep your faith, focus and ears on Jesus!

So what choice do you choose to make – Worry🥺 or Worship🙏? C’mon why not take a Stand with The Saviour and Don’t Sink!

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Stay in, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

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