Speak Those Things


Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi Speak Those Things



Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi Speak Those Things

Today’s message is all about “Speaking the Word”

Today we are reminded about how powerful the words we speak are. We put so many things out into the atmosphere and we are almost always unaware of just impactful they can be. The bible tells and shows us on numerous occasions just how important the words we speak are.

Mary the mother of Jesus heard words that not only changed her life but changed the entire course of history as we know it. When the angel told her of what was to come, her role in its fulfilment was dependent on her response. The words she spoke could have affected one of the greatest stories we know. But her words were positive, her words reflected the submission of her heart to God’s will and plan for mankind and because of her obedience, she is remembered by even those who do not acknowledge our Lord and Saviour.

What is it that God has said about you? What promises has He made concerning your life? Are you still waiting on the fulfilment of His word for your life? Speak the word! The bible is our most inexhaustible source of power for it is God Himself. The word of God is the only word the enemy understands and if we are to successfully remind him he is defeated, then we need to speak the word, boldly, confidently and full of faith.

Join us as Pastor Efe breaks down the power in the words we speak.