The Heart of Christmas (Part 2)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: The Heart of Christmas (Part 2)



Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba The Heart of Christmas (Part 2)

This Sunday Pastor Tai revisits last week’s sermon on ‘The Heart Of Christmas’ illustrating to us the true meaning of Christmas.

As Christians we should be able to inject  unspeakable joy into the lives of others, without forgetting the significance of the gift given to us- Jesus Christ.  How we behave towards others at Christmas is a true representation of our relationship with a Christ.

Today Pastor Tai focuses on the gift of grace’ in other words, ‘the gift of forgiveness’.

Many of us have spent days, weeks or many years holding malice, resentment towards others, even our own family members, ultimately associating Christmas with the unfortunate times in our lives. What you don’t know is that this bitterness stifles your progress in life leaving you unable to succeed.

Using the story Joseph and Mary as an example, Pastor Tai highlights the importance releasing the hold of anger and allowing grace to take its place. Joseph could have scorned Mary for having a child that was not conceived by him, but instead he chose the path of righteousness that  brought him closer to God.

This Christmas give way to grace, be righteous and not just right; focus on reconciliation and not resolution; call that friend/ family member that you have not spoken to for years and see the difference it will make in your life.

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