Trusting Your Value (Part 2)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Trusting Your Value (Part 2)


Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Trusting Your Value (Part2)

What do you base your value on? Is it God, is it man, it is social media? 
On this Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Tai dives even deeper into the topic ‘Trusting Your Value’. 
We all know that in the real world people don’t pay much attention to your value, your inner worth, most of what they you judge upon is based on your outer self. 
Many of us shape our appearances, our careers, our lives based on the opinions of others, but does their opinion really matter?
Those that critique you may not even see your value, or in fact they may see it but they know that they can never measure up to your worth. Instead of acknowledging your worth, they choose to devalue you. This can come from your ‘friend’, ‘partner’, ‘work colleague’. 
Stay clear from those that devalue you, your favour does not come from them. And if the favour you seek is not of God, then ultimately you are compromising yourself. 
Pastor Tai also encourages us to avoid basing our value on our position.
Your success is not based on what you have but what you do with what you have. 
Do you add value to others? Do you lift up your fellow man or woman?
Even Naomi in her unworthy state was able to add value to Ruth. You may be the Naomi in someone’s life and you have no idea.
Remember life is not a race, a competition, you have nothing to prove. Continue to manifest in your lane and with God nurture your value whilst you enable others to see theirs. 
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