Worship Culture


Worship Tabernacle’s 2nd Worship Album By Our Insignia Band

Following in the footsteps of Insignia’s home Church, Worship Tabernacle, Worship Culture simply breaks boundaries between the old and new. Inspired by the spirit of oneness conveyed in Galatians 3:28, this double sided album stands as a bridge between the musical appetites of the more traditional and contemporary Gospel fans. The title track opener to the traditional side to the albumThe Chant” sets an upbeat tone with its full-throated declaration of belief, spurred on by a message of love and hope. Slower jams like “Another Level” bring listeners into a deeper calling of worship with the desire displayed to draw people closer to God. The contemporary side features reassuring messages of victory in head bopping “Winner” and “Keep Moving” coupled with serenading vocals to God in “Love” and a groovy message of revival inThe Way.

Shed any preconceptions. This album is one that is not to be missed as Insignia truly brings to life an atmosphere of a ‘Worship Culture.’

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Worship Tabernacle’s 2nd Worship Album By Our Insignia Band