Better Together

Better Together

Powerful message by Pastor Tinu Asegieme: Better Together

In a message titled ‘Better Together’, guest minister Pastor Tinu Asegieme, teaches us about the importance of our relationships. Our relationships with people are very important and they occupy key places in our lives; after all, God created us to be relational beings. The Bible often emphasises the importance of fellowship and encourages us to be with one another.

The place of fellowship is the place of commanded blessing and yet, through our actions and the way we relate to one another, we miss out. Relationships are hard work and they require hard work to make it work. So how do make our relationships work? Whether single, engaged, married, divorced or otherwise; what can we do to ensure our relationships thrive and reflect God’s heart for His people?

Pastor Tinu eloquently and hilariously taught us that, it is the Spirit enables us to deal with the issues in our relationships. She encourages us to maintain continuous fellowship with God, to cultivate a culture that matters and, to deal with unrealistic expectations. For when we do, we see the difference it makes in our relationships.

Click Here to listen to the full sermon that will make you laugh, think but most importantly, make that change.