Beyond The Wall

Beyond The Wall

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: Your Blessing Is Beyond The Wall

Your blessing is beyond the wall. – Pastor Efe
Join us as Pastor Efe takes us on an insightful journey to change our perspectives on overcoming obstacles in Life – Taking scriptural basis from Judges 14:1-9.
He teaches that Samson knew what he wanted, set out, and went to get it. However encountered a blockade (lion) along the way but overcame it by the spirit of God in him. This is how we as believers should activate and overcome obstacles put on our path to rising – through the spirit of God within us.

As soon as one decides to move on a progressive trajectory – obstacles/walls are put in our way. This is because we are in alignment with Gods Will for our life.

Pastor Efe teaches that Every obstacle we face should be encountered with joy as it is an opportunity for discovery and takes us to a higher level, once overcome. We are created complete and perfect – and we have all we require to overcome the obstacle already within us – it just has to be discovered.
Turn your obstacle into your stepping stone.
Look INWARD (at yourself) for the solution to your challenge!…for Salvation lies within.