Committed to the Cause

Committed to the Cause

Powerful services by Minister Lekan Alli-Balogun: Committed to the Cause

As Christians we know that the our divine purpose is to fulfil the will of God. But do we really know how to achieve this? Do YOU even understand what the will of God is?

This Wednesday Minister Lekan opens our minds with an epic service – ‘Committed To The Cause’.

Many of us seek to be ‘good Christians’, coming to church, attending every bible study, yet we know nothing about the Word of God. Others of us have one foot in the God’s camp and one foot in the world; eventually you will lose balance and fall.

We need to understand that we are in God’s army and his Word is our armour. Without armour a soldier is sure to lose the battle therefore the Bible is a critical part of your journey.

As we delve further into this month of fruitfulness, Minister Lekan implores you to seek a greater understanding of God’s word. In 2019 we now have a vast range of resources from books, to apps, even audiobooks that can equip you in fighting the distractions of the world, and steady you in your own walk with Christ.

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