Create Your Own Atmosphere (Part 4)

Create Your Own Atmosphere (Part 4)

Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Create Your Own Atmosphere (Part 4)

How much are you doing for others? Who are you really living for?
As we enter the final days for 2020, this Sunday, Pastor Tai encourages us to not leave 2020 without sowing a seed.

Sowing a seed is not just about giving an offering, throwing money at a situation, but truly creating an genuine atmosphere towards your tomorrow and not just your today.
In 2 Kings 4, the story of the Shunammite woman, illustrates a pious woman, authentically selfless, removing herself from the equation, to benefit others. She teaches us to stop seeing life as a process of transactions, but instead learn to open your doors and hearts to those in need, without expecting anything in return.

Yes 2020 has been daunting, and it can difficult to let go and give to others, but just remember, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. So cease from the tit for tat, sow a seed and be a blessing.

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Pastor Tai Adeshugba is the Senior Pastor of Worship Tabernacle, a church which is situated in The Citadel, Archway, North London. Tai is known as a motivational and prophetic teacher in his delivery of the gospel to the body of Christ. He has a prophetic mandate to shape the lives of God’s people and give them the Word to enable them to fulfil their dreams. This mandate compels him to challenge the Body of Christ to assume their position of authority and influence in every facet of life.