Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: Dig Deep

Have you ever been in a situation at work where someone does or says something and you react so quickly, you end up hiding your face for the rest of the day? Yeah, we can all relate! It’s so hard to keep your cool when it feels as though everything is working against you. But are we thinking? Are we looking beyond the surface to identify what God is trying to do, reveal or teach?
In today’s message titled “Dig Deeper”, Pastor Efe challenges us to complete our link of the chain and think. We often spend so much time being spiritual, depending on God to do everything that we neglect what He’s already given us…a brain! God has given us a brain, to process, think and act. God only reacts to our action, it’s how His purpose for our lives is accomplished.
If you want to know how the connection between thinking and spirituality makes all the difference, head over to our website to hear this message that most, if not all of us need to hear!

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