Follow The Star

Follow The Star

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: Follow The Star

Examining the journey of the Majah (the 3 wise men) from the East, we see that they followed a bright Star, which lead them to the Manger, the birthplace of Jesus. However we do seem to overlook a very slight action which they had to do in order to successfully follow this star, they Looked Up!!!

In this penultimate Sunday message before Christmas – the season of festivities, merriment and family – its easy for one to get caught up in the euphoria of buying, gifting and eating around this time, even though you might not feel like you have anything worth celebrating.

Today, Pastor Efe reminds us of the Grace available to us All, through Christ Jesus. He reminds us to remember the reason for the season. We are encouraged to just keep our focus on the Lord for it is by His Grace that the Light comes, in our times of darkness.

As you hunker down to celebrate this Christmas, remember to always Look Up.

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