The Moses Experience: Get Out of the Gift Box

The Moses Experience: Get Out of the Gift Box

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: The Moses Experience: Get Out of the Gift Box

This Sunday Pastor Efe, demonstrates the importance of the going beyond the ‘gift box’.

Gifts and talents are the natural abilities engraved into us by God at birth; they are present for life.

In the book of Exodus, Moses was chosen to lead the people of Israel towards where God wanted them to be, however he felt that his speech impediment hindered him from speaking to and being a leader of others. He questioned what was so special about him, why God chose him.

Often at work, in school, in our friendship circles we may feel overlooked, insignificant, as though we are never number one. But then when we are chosen to shine, we hideaway, questioning our abilities, even questioning God. We begin to see ourselves as weak, mediocre, not up to the task.

God wants us to do things that take us beyond our natural talents, ‘the gift box’. Pastor Efe describes the gift box as the comfort zone of our talents and encourages us to go further than our self-constructed limits. By breaking out of the gift box, you allow yourself to develop and rise to the next level.

Don’t allow opportunities to pass you, whether it be at work, in relationships, other aspects of life. You can see a potential job or partner as not fulfilling your requirements or even being too great for you, but by rejecting this opportunity you may be also be rejecting your destiny.

Allow God to take control of your situation, God looks further than your ability, He knows what your current gifts are but he also knows your potential, what you are capable of.
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