How to Avoid a Spiritual Heart Attack

How to Avoid a Spiritual Heart Attack

Powerful message by Pastor Femi Adeshugba: How to Avoid a Spiritual Heart Attack

As we continue our journey to make room for God in our lives, we must be aware that there will be many obstacles and challenges that will come our way. If we are not mentally prepared for this and do not take the necessary precautions, it can cause what Pastor Femi calls ‘a spiritual heart attack’.

The bible tells us in Proverbs 4:23-24 that our hearts must be guarded for everything we do flows from it. During this week’s bible study, Pastor Femi teaches an encouraging word on how we can keep our hearts guarded to prevent blockages to the flow of life. She also provides us with 3 important steps that we must consider to strengthen our spiritual muscles and help us keep our hearts spiritually strong and healthy.    

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