LOVE: The Rule and Not the Exception

LOVE: The Rule and Not the Exception

Powerful message by Minister Ekpe: LOVE: The Rule and Not the Exception

This week, we delve into yet another exploration of understanding Love and what it truly means. Having built wrong impressions and conclusions about Love, being fed to us by countless movies, novels and the likes growing up, we take a look at what Love should truly be about and how we as Christians today can make this love The Rule and not the Exception.

Critically examining the love tale between Jacob and Rachel, Minister Micheal Ekpe points out characteristics of true love.
Our perspective, expectation and definition of Love changes as we grow older. Depending on where and what situation in life we are in at any point in time, we see that these experiences continually shapes our definitions.

However we learn that true love (like Jacob with Rachel) is that of Privilege, Commitment, Responsibility and Honour.

How does one adopt and imbibe this kind of love you might wonder, we’ll Click HERE and listen in to some thought provoking, mindset shifting nuggets on how best to do this.

And if you think this is a case of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ watch out for the golden bullet which would completely obliterate that thought process as well. 😉

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