Making Room for the King (Part 1)

Making Room for the King (Part 1)

Prayer & Fasting service led by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Making Room for the King (Part 1)

As we continue on with our theme for the rest of the year, ‘Making Room for the King’, today’s message is taken from one of the less read books of the bible, Revelation. Reading from verses 14-22, Pastor Tai expands on how in our times, making room for God is essential to our success.

In a world that easily consumes and distracts us with meaningless things, we crowd God out and find less and less time for Him. We are reminded it takes time to create space for God to fill. More importantly, if we create space for Him the way He desires us to, He will fill it with all of Himself.

But how do we do this? In the letter to the Laodicean church, Jesus directs the focus of the church to Himself. In Him, we find spiritual gold which is our inheritance in Jesus, spiritual clothing, covering our nakedness with the righteousness of Christ, and finally, spiritual eye salves, giving us wisdom to see things like He does.

To hear more on what beginning to make room for God looks like, head over to our website for this sermon that will begin challenging your approach to creating space.

To hear more on this explosive message, download or listen to this message right here on our website and allow the message to light a fire in you that will be the catalyst for a new beginning in your life! CLICK HERE and listen in.

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Pastor Tai Adeshugba is the Senior Pastor of Worship Tabernacle, a church which is situated in The Citadel, Archway, North London. Tai is known as a motivational and prophetic teacher in his delivery of the gospel to the body of Christ. He has a prophetic mandate to shape the lives of God’s people and give them the Word to enable them to fulfil their dreams. This mandate compels him to challenge the Body of Christ to assume their position of authority and influence in every facet of life.