Mismanagement of Blessings

Mismanagement of Blessings

Powerful message by Pastor Femi Adeshugba: Mismanagement of Blessings

Over the last few weeks, sermons at Worship Tabernacle have focused on sowing the right seeds for a great future, but what do you do with your harvest when it arrives? For our Wednesday service, Pastor Femi explained the importance of managing your harvest correctly.
God has gifted us all with unique talents and skills that we can utilise to produce a harvest. This harvest is a blessing from God that should be used to sow into the lives of others but also better ourselves.
It is also wise to invest our harvest. Just as the bible reminds us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, there are seasons for everything, therefore there will be times when you have plenty and there will be times where things are tough, but if we invest our harvest, we can have comfort during difficult times knowing that we didn’t waste our harvest.
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