More Than a Song

More Than a Song

Powerful message by Pastor Anthony Ashaye: More Than a Song

Often in life we are faced with difficulties that leave us feeling alone, wondering who we can turn to, where we can go to for advice or even, where we can go to for healing.

Delving into the story of the ‘Samaritan Woman’, this Sunday guest speaker, Pastor Anthony Ashaye, enables us to see that our problems can be solved through true worship.

The Samaritan woman had spent many years ostracised, ridiculed and had tried to heal her situation by herself, looking for a place, a site of worship that would cure her troubles.

What she didn’t know was that it was not the location of worship that would solve her plight, but the location of God Himself. Worship is more than a song or a place, it is a transformed life. Once you encounter the living word of God, you will never be the same.

To find out more about how to untangle yourself from your troubles and instead draw closer to God through His word, pick up your bible and join us today in this fulfilling sermon.