Right Deeds for a Great Future (Part 4)

Right Deeds for a Great Future (Part 4)

Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba: Right Deeds for a Great Future (Part 4)

For our Sunday service, Pastor Tai delivered a powerful message reminding us that everything we want in life has a price tag. If we expect our goals and ambitions to harvest, it will require us to sow the right seeds by paying the price.

Many people quit tough situations because it gets too hard, forgetting that the issue is the cost they are paying in preparation for the blessing. For example, having a successful marriage will require you to be patient during your single season and reaching your career goals may mean you have to work harder in your current job.

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Pastor Tai Adeshugba is the Senior Pastor of Worship Tabernacle, a church which is situated in The Citadel, Archway, North London. Tai is known as a motivational and prophetic teacher in his delivery of the gospel to the body of Christ. He has a prophetic mandate to shape the lives of God’s people and give them the Word to enable them to fulfil their dreams. This mandate compels him to challenge the Body of Christ to assume their position of authority and influence in every facet of life.