Stay In The Fight

Stay In The Fight

Powerful message by Pastor Femi Adeshugba: Stay In The Fight

In this powerful sermon by Pastor Femi, she encourages us to ‘Stay in the Fight’.

Do you know that we are all birthed with a purpose to fulfil? Big or small, as Christians we ALL have a destiny to attain. The enemy for sure knows this, which is why when we are finally progressing and feel as though everything is going well, we are hit by a sudden unexpected storm that may ultimately overwhelm us and delay our progress.

When a storm hits, whether it be in your finances, at work, your health or even your marriage, it is your faith in the Lord that will get you through.

Listen to this message to learn some ways in which you can uphold your confidence in God.

With tenacity and steadfast trust in God you can endure anything.

Remember to keep fighting, the fight is not over until you say so.