Surfing the Waves of Change

Surfing the Waves of Change

Powerful message by Minister Michael Ekpe: Surfing the Waves of Change

Surfing!! We’ve all heard of it, seen someone do it, maybe actually even attempted it – but surfing still causes trepidation amongst a great many of people today. The raw power and size of the ‘best’ surfing waves sends shivers down the spines of many.

However, as much as this causes some people to despair, we know that it draws some people (seasoned surfers) nearer and causes them to excel. Why is this?

Delving deep into scriptures [Romans 12: 2] we are encouraged ‘Not to become so well adjusted to your culture …but instead fix your attention on God… for you will be changed from the inside out..’

The Lord encourages us to embrace change and He will guide us through it to an expected outcome, as long as we remain in tune to His Word and receptive to the promptings of His Spirit within us.

Examining the life of a little known Christian – Asa Griggs Candler – Minister Michael explains how the prompting of the Lords Spirt within Asa led him to become the founder of one of the most successful companies of all time, including creating one of the most recognisable brands in the world. (Do your research to find out what he invented!!😉) His ‘intuition’ to invest came in the right place at the right time.

Click HERE to learn just how you too can tune in and Surf the wave of change? As also discussed in the interactive Q&A session, look out for Pastor Tai’s golden nuggets on Problem Perspectives. You’ll never look at a problem the same way ever again!!

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