The Act

The Act

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: The Act

So 2022 hit, we all had these dreams and aspirations, things that we hoped for. Vision boards were created, resolutions listed, but today, how many of these things have come to pass?

We spend a lot of time thinking, researching, preparing for the things we want to do, and that is it, the vision ends there. As Christians we can be complacent, just waiting on God to give us all we desire, without the action, without putting in the work.

We trust God will do it for us, but we don’t trust in the POWER He has given us to do it.

This first Sunday, Pastor Efe employs us to dig deeper, go further and do things that God has called us to do. You have spent enough time thinking, now is the time to ACT IN FAITH!

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