The Convergence (Part2)

The Convergence (Part2)

Powerful message by Pastor Tai Adeshugba The Convergence (Part 2)

Taking Colossians 15:17 as a scriptural foundation, we discover that ‘Jesus is the manifestation of the invisible God….And Holds all of Creation together’.
In line with the sub theme of 2019 ‘Let God Be the Centre Stage of your Life’ – Pastor Tai teaches that the Lord IS the magnetic force that attracts goodness into your life. Once you seek Him out and make the Him the Centre, the positive changes that subsequently happens becomes permanent. By inviting him in, YOU become a product (and beneficiary) of that which He, the Almighty Creator, has created.
Make God the Centre Stage this year as:

– He Creates all things – Genesis 1:1
– He makes old  things new – Isaiah 43:19
– He Restores
– He Renames
– He Resurrects, and
– He Holds all things together.

This, we learn, is the true source of Convergence in ones life.

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Pastor Tai Adeshugba is the Senior Pastor of Worship Tabernacle, a church which is situated in The Citadel, Archway, North London. Tai is known as a motivational and prophetic teacher in his delivery of the gospel to the body of Christ. He has a prophetic mandate to shape the lives of God’s people and give them the Word to enable them to fulfil their dreams. This mandate compels him to challenge the Body of Christ to assume their position of authority and influence in every facet of life.