The Crossing

The Crossing

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: The Crossing: Courage Under Fire

In life there will be moments when you are soaring, the best in your field, everything seems to come easy. But then there will also be moments when the struggle is so real, you feel inadequate, shying behind the crowd.

This Sunday Pastor Efe gives us the tools to find Courage Under Fire.
God takes you through each difficult moment in your life, only to reveal your own capabilities. With each door and obstacle that your knock down, the glory of God prevails.

The children of Israel met various obstacles on their journeys, and had they had run away from each one, they would have never known the strength of the Lord that dwelled within them.

So don’t shy away when you are stuck between a rock and hard place, seek the Lord’s face and he surely will answer you.

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