There is a Process

There is a Process

Powerful message by Pastor Efe Efeturi: There is a Process

In our sermon today, pastor Efe revisits the story of Joseph. We see the life of Joseph from a different perspective: we see his life as a process.

We are encouraged to follow our own process to reach the encounter God has willed for us, that is, our blueprint. We have to be willing to go through the challenges of the process. We have to be fully ready for change!

Our ability to follow this process ultimately determines our value. But how can we follow this process to bring our blueprint to fruition?

Firstly, we have to develop and sustain mental focus, stripping out any unnecessary weight.

We also have to develop spiritual stability and connectivity. We have to re-evaluate what we are plugged into and our power source. Are we plugged into people or plugged solely into God?

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