Works of your Hands

Works of your Hands

Powerful message by Minister Lekan Alli-Balogun: Works of Your Hands

As Christians, a popular message that we all hear is that we must work according to our purpose. However, if you are in a season of your life where you don’t know what your purpose is or you know what it is but you are not able to work on it yet, this type of message can leave you feeling a bit diminished. You may be currently working in a job that doesn’t feel like it aligns with your purpose or you may feel as if God is being silent. For our Wednesday bible study, Lekan delivered a powerful message to remind us that the bible tells us that God blesses the works of our hands no matter where we are in life. We are the ones that must decide to take action.
Listen to the full message now to hear the practical steps and supporting bible scriptures that can help you understand how you can start taking action through your work.

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