Worship: Secrets of the Chosen one

Worship: Secrets of the Chosen one

Powerful message by Minster Michael Ekpe: Worship: The Secrets of the Chosen One

Continuing on the theme – The call to Worship; Minister Michael delves into the meaning, invitation and attributes of a true worshipper.

Did you know that the foremost purpose of our very existence as the human race is to Worship God, and YOU [as part of that race] have been INVITED to worship Him. But ‘I already do’ you might think. Think again.

You see, answering your innate call to be chosen to Truly Worship Him is a profound privilege which comes with (tangible) responsibilities and Divinely assured blessings. The Attributes one must possess to allow for True Rising is to be treated with absolute reverence for one to be distinguished in worship, for ‘the many are called, but few are chosen’.

CLICK HERE to listen to 3 profound Attributes of a Worshiper one must posses to attain True Worship. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out just WHY Worship is the Ultimate Boarding Pass to your Rising.

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