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Proverbs 13:22
“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children”

At WT Legacy we seek to help practically shape the finances of members. Through financial education, events and networks we aim to encourage financial prudence and wealth creation with a purpose. It is our prayer that we will all leave a legacy to generations to come and importantly to support kingdom objectives.

Our Mission Statement

Equipping members with the resources to guarantee financial success and freedom, engendering a culture of abundance to propel the next generation….

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At WT Legacy we operate four groups;

1. Debt Down and Debt Out – Effective debt reduction strategies (including budget calculator)

2. Double EsEmergency Fund & Earnings maximisation.

3. The Leap – Introduction to Insurance, Investments and Property

4. High Altitude – A network of excellence for those that wish to move beyond ‘average’ (business owners, creatives and the ambitious)

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We aim to match you to the appropriate group but do note that all groups are ultimately within reach.

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Other Initiatives

We will be undertaking a number of initiatives each year including;

1. Periodic Events with inspirational guest speakers

2. Accountability partners

3. WhatsApp group community

4. Informal meetups

5. Referral to experts e.g., insurance, investments, mortgage brokers etc

And much more!

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